We have discontinued the Non-Stretch Stirrup Straps.

We have identified that, in some recent batches, a small quantity of straps may have been made with a join that would reduce the tensile strength

There are many reasons a Thorowgood saddle makes an excellent choice for a first-time horse owner, so it follows that not all our Thorowgood customer will know how to look after their new purchase. Fortunately, being easy to care for is just one benefit of our popular T8 and T4 models.

Courtesy of Centaur Biomechanics, this slow-mo video shows a 5'4 petite lady mounting a horse from the ground. Watching this really makes you realise the strain our horses go through in their day to day lives, and little things like mounting from a block means this amount of time they experience the pressure on their back from mounting is shortened.

As well as changeable gullet bars and girth straps, Thorowgood saddles feature two reinforced flocking slots at the front and rear, allowing for quick adjustments within the panel.