Position the girth straps to achieve optimal saddle stability.

NOTE: On GP and dressage saddles with a point strap, DO NOT USE positions 1 & 2 together. This could cause saddle instabilty. 

Girthing Position

Always girth in the neutral position (2 & 3) when the saddle is first ridden.
If the saddle moves forwards use positions 1 & 3.

Girthing Position

If the saddle lifts at the back use 2 & 4.
For increased stability, on a round barrelled / flat backed horse, use positions 1 & 4.

Girthing Step 1
Step 1: Feed the strap through the ring with the point upwards and the top side of the strap face down against the sweat flap.
Girthing Step 2
Step 2: Curl the strap round and through the webbing loop.
Girthing Step 3
Step 3: Pull the strap tight ensuring the webbing loop lies flat against the top of the strap. (Reverse the above steps to remove a girth strap).