What makes Thorowgood saddles so kind to your horse?

Made in England Icon

35 years of saddle making expertise in Walsall.

Easy care Icon

It couldn't be easier to look after your Thorowgood saddle

Campaign for real wool icon

We use pure wool from English Jacob sheep in the panels

Practical Materials Icon

The material we use for the panels of our T8 Saddles is sometimes referred to as technical leather, because of its closeness to leather in both look and feel

Changeable Gullet Icon

Easily change the gullet bar to best fit the width of the horse’s withers. 

Conformation Design Icon

Saddles specifically designed to fit different conformations.

Fitting Features Icon

Position the girth straps to achieve optimal saddle stability.

Adaptable Leg Support Icon

Reposition the blocks to give bespoke support and comfort for the rider’s leg.