We are not offering a serial number check right now (not online, nor by phone nor email) and we don’t have a date when this service might be back up and running. Sadly, we are unable to tell you the year of manufacture, but we have detailed below when certain models were discontinued which may give you a rough idea of age.

In the meantime, these tips will help you identify your saddle.


  • T4 Saddles have suede-effect seat and knee rolls
  • T8 saddles have real leather seat and knee roll, giving the impression of a leather saddle
  • L6 saddles have been discontinued for some time - they were all leather
  • T6 saddles have also been discontinued for some time (approx nine years) and were replaced by the T8 range

It is very likely that your saddle has a small white label in the same place as the serial number label which will identify the size and model. NOTE: These labels are small and do tend to 'curl up' so please check carefully.

 tgood serial no label


Dressage Saddles

HDM Dressage Moveable Block high wither
HDR Dressage Moveable Block high wither (pre 2015)
HDS T8 Dressage Surface Block high profile (discontinued Nov 2021)
LDM Dressage Moveable Block low profile (2015 onwards)
LDR Dressage Moveable Block low profile (pre 2015)
LDS T8 Dressage Surface Block low profile (discontinued Nov 2021)
MDM Dressage Moveable Block standard wither
MDR Dressage Moveable Block standard wither (pre 2015)
MDS T8 Dressage Surface Block standard wither (discontinued Nov 2021)
MDX Cob Dressage (discontinued 2021)


GP Saddles

HGC Compact GP high wither
HGD GPD high wither (discontinued 2011)
HGP GP high wither
LGP Low wither GP
MGA Anatomic GP (T8 discontinued Nov 2021)
MGC Compact GP standard wither
MGD GPD standard wither (discontinued 2011)
MGP GP standard wither
MLL Pony Long Leg
MPO Pony Saddle
JT  Endurance


Jump Saddles

MJJ Jump Saddle (introduced early 2015 - R-bar)
MJU Jump Saddle (discontinued end 2014 - S-Bar)
MPJ Pony Jump Saddle